At Pack&Go, we're your budget-friendly moving solution, committed to making your move smooth and affordable

2 Movers + 1 Truck: $120/hr
3 Movers + 1 Truck: $160/hr
4 Movers + 1 Truck: $200/hr

A minimum of 2 hours is required. Regardless of the team size, our pricing includes a team visit to your home for efficient packing and transportation. We handle the disassembly of your furniture to ensure safe transit and take care of reassembly upon delivery. Additionally, we offer complimentary use of our boxes for your convenience.

Pack&Go: We pack, You go. Stress-free moving solutions!

At Pack&Go, we tailor each move to your unique needs and budget, serving as your trusted partner for local and long-distance move

0-99 mi - 2$/cubic feet or 7 lbs
100-199 mi - 3$/cubic feet or 7 lbs
200-399 mi - 3.5$/cubic feet or 7 lbs
400-599$ mi - 4$/cubic feet or 7 lbs
600-799$ mi - 4.5$/cubic feet or 7 lbs

Your moving price based on volume and your rate. We do provide 1 month free storage. First flight of stairs is free, and additional flights are only $75 each. Benefit from a free 75 feet of long carry, with extra increments at just $75 each. Free moving blankets, expert furniture disassembly, and flexible delivery within 21 days. Elevate your move with Pack&Go – where convenience meets affordability

800-999 mi - 5$/cubic feet or 7 lbs
1000-1199 mi - 5.5$/cubic feet or 7 lbs
1200-1399 mi - 6$/cubic feet or 7 lbs
1400-1599 mi - 6.5$/cubic feet or 7 lbs
1600 and up - 7$/cubic feet or 7 lbs

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